UI Waiting Week
Updated On: Apr 01, 2020

Brothers ans Sisters,

Over 115,000 Wisconsinites have filed for unemployment insurance as the coronavirus public health emergency wreaks havoc on our economy. Last week over 1.5 million calls were made to Wisconsin’s unemployment insurance office.

Our out of work brothers and sisters deserve immediate assistance and immediate action.

The Wisconsin Legislature must repeal the one-week waiting period for Wisconsinites in need of unemployment insurance. Click here to email your legislators urging immediate action.

For states that do not have a one week waiting period, the federal government will reimburse the states for the first week.

Last Friday, March 27, was the last day of the regularly scheduled legislative session. Currently, there are no session dates scheduled for legislators to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

We call on the Legislature to immediately meet and vote to repeal the one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance.

Thousands of Wisconsinites are now out of work through no fault of their own. One week can make a huge difference to working families suddenly and unexpectedly facing job loss.

BACKGROUND: The one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance was put into place by former Governor Scott Walker in a 2011 Budget provision supported by legislative Republicans. Despite a veto request by the Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council – which is a group of labor and management representatives who advise the Administration and the Legislature on unemployment insurance -- Governor Walker signed the week waiting period, delaying workers unemployment insurance, effective January 2012.

Governor Tony Evers has already taken steps to remove barriers for unemployed workers to receive support. In a March 18 emergency order, Gov. Evers waived the requirement for workers to conduct 4 work searches during the COVID-19 emergency. He has urged the Legislature to repeal the one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance.

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO applauds the swift, bold action for workers from our Governor Tony Evers.

Now, the Legislature must act.

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer

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