National Right to Work for Less
Posted On: Feb 27, 2017

National Right to Work


On Wednesday, two Republican Congressman, Steve King of Iowa and Joe Wilson of South Carolina, introduced “Right to Work” legislation on the national level. Today, Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that President Trump “believes in Right to Work” and Vice President Mike Pence “has been a champion of this as well.”

We know firsthand in Wisconsin that Right to Work does nothing to create jobs or help workers get ahead. Right to Work is union-busting legislation designed to give corporations more power in the workplace and tilt the balance even further against working people.

We can’t stand silently by while this legislation gets even an ounce of consideration on the national stage. This is a bill that threatens the foundation of the labor movement in all 50 states, and must be stopped.

Call your Congress person to oppose Right to Work. Click here for a Wisconsin Congressional Directory.

Right to Work drives down wages for both union and non-union workers. Right to work is an unsafe, unfair and unnecessary government Intrusion in the workplace. When you weaken unions, you weaken the last remaining check on corporate power and greed. Right to Work is linked to lower wages and decreased safety levels for all workers in states where it is law.

Pick up the phone today and tell Congress you oppose Right to Work and any attempts to lower wages or erode the freedom to have a strong union in the workplace. Click here for a list of Congressional office numbers.

In Wisconsin, Right to Work has already passed and hasn’t created one new job or helped any working person. In fact, a PEW study concluded that Wisconsin’s middle class is shrinking faster than any other state in the nation. Now, they want to take this bad idea to the entire country. For working people, many of whom are struggling make ends meet, the introduction of Right to Work at a national level is a direct attack on our livelihoods and the ability to support our families. The fallout from this policy would be far-reaching. Not only would workers in all 50 states see their wages lowered and our standard of living undermined, but our entire economy and businesses, which rely on a vibrant middle class, would be adversely impacted.

We know our economy workers best when workers have the freedom to stand together as a team in strong unions and negotiate together for better wages, work-life balance and a better life. Strong unions and collective bargaining provide pathways into the middle class for millions of workers and together unions work to leave behind a better workplace for the next generation.

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